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Alat Pengukus Berlubang Stainless (Perforated Steamer)

Blue Seal / Walldorf Infill Bench

Burner Gas Top (Kompor 4 Tungku) Professional Kitchen

Burner Gas Top (Kompor Gas) Exlusive 6 Tungku

Cabinet Swing Door Stainless

Chef’s Knife Narrow Blade Premium Design

Chef’s Knives White Blade Premium Stainless

Chest Freezer (-26°C) Tipe AB-108-R

Cocktail Champagne Glass 21cl


  • Capacity (cl) :37
  • Maximum diameter (mm) :75
  • Height (mm) :126
  • Net weight (g) :170

Combi Stand Stainless

Dish Wash Entry / Exit Bench

Spesifikasi Dishwash Entry : Suits leading brands of popular commercial dishwashers 1 basket wide 1.2mm thick stainless steel top with

Freezer Kaca Geser Besar Tipe SD-303

Freezer Kaca Geser Kecil Tipe SD-165

Freezer Kaca Geser Medium Tipe SD-213

Freezer Pintu Kaca Island Tipe Lycaste-185 Head

Gas Char-Grill Top (Lava Rock) Tipe GT-6931GC

Gas Fry Top 2 Tungku Tipe FT-6620G

Gas Fry Top Tipe FT-6930G

Gelas Cocktail Classic Margarita 200ml

Gelas Kaca Flute Sequence 17 cl


  • Capacity (cl) :17
  • Maximum diameter (mm) :56
  • Height (mm) :208
  • Net weight (g) :135