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Ball Valve (BV) (Water Supply Equipment)

Ball Valve PN16 Iron Valves by Fivalco

Brass Angle Lockable Ball Valve With Small Handle

Brass Angle Magnetic Lockable Ball Valve BW-L06

Brass Straight Kuningan Yang Dapat Dikunci Dengan Pegangan Kecil BW-L01

Brass Straight Magnetic Lockable Ball Valve LW-07

Bulk Water Meter Industrial Air Minum WPD/WPHD Zenner

Butterfly Valve Wafer PN16 & PN25 By Fivalco

Cold Watermeter Multi-jet Dry Dial MTKD-M-ST Zenner

Electromagnetic Flowmeter AMC3200 Series Alia

Electromagnetic Flowmeter AMC4000 Series Alia

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Sanitary ALIA Tipe AMF601

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Tipe AMF900

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Tipe Penyisipan (Insertion) ALIA AMF100

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Tipe Ulir (Threaded) ALIA AMF301

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Tipe Wafer ALIA AMF500

Elektromagnetic Flowmeter ALIA AMC2100

Fitting Pipa SNI Lengkap (Cap, Reducer, Equal, Flange, Long Bend, Socket)

Fitting uPVC Pipa (Air Bersih)

Fittings Pipa Lengkap (Elbow, Socket, Tee, Reducer, Valve, Flange, Cap, Faucet)