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Banquet Chair Trolley Black Untuk Meeting Room Hotel

Banquet Chair Trolley Untuk Meeting Room Hotel Red Edition

Blue Seal / Walldorf Infill Bench

Cabinet Swing Door Stainless

Chrome Soap Dispenser Hotel

Coffee Station (Meja Kopi) Stainless

Combi Stand Stainless

Dish Wash Entry / Exit Bench

Dish Wash Outlet Table Stainless

Dishwashing Rack Trolley JW-ST

Double Bowl Dishwash Entry

Double Sink With Splash Back

Double Soap Dispenser White Hotel

Food Pan Carrier Double Wall

Granite Bench (Meja Granite)

Ingredient Bins Top Quality

Kitchen Bench Overshelf Single

Kitchen Double Bench Overshelf Stainless

Kitchen Sink (Meja Pencuci Piring) Single With Splash Back

Kitchen Troli 2 Tier (Trolley) Stainless